Borley Rectory Starring Reece Shearsmith


Borley Rectory Blu Ray CoverLeague Of Gentlemen and Inside Number 9 (and a raft of other dramas) have given Reece Shearsmith time out to star in this rather interesting indie, black and white docu/drama about Borley Rectory.

Taking on the true story of journalist V C Wall (Reece Shearsmith)  and paranormal investigator Harry Price (Jonathan Rigby) and their investigation into the property in the 1930s.

Borley Rectory is often quoted as being ‘The most haunted house in England’, in fact we have previously cited this fact here Top 5 Haunted Houses in the UK.   The films distribution company Nucleus call it an ‘Animated Documentary’ but don’t let that fool you, the film style is something much more, as can be seen in the trailer below.

Borley Rectory Blu Ray Trailer

Real Ghost Sightings

  • 1863, a few locals later remembered having heard unexplained footsteps within the house at about that time.
  • 1900, four daughters of the rector, Henry Dawson Ellis Bull, saw what they thought was the ghost of a nun at twilight  they tried to talk to it, but it disappeared.
  • 1928 while cleaning out a cupboard the occupant, came across a brown paper package containing the skull of a young woman.
  • 1930 – 1935 Rev. Lionel Foyster reported various occurrences including bell-ringing, windows shattering, throwing of stones and bottles, wall-writing and the locking of their daughter in a room with no key.
  • 1939 there was a severe fire.
  • 1944 the building was demolished.

(Sources found via wikipedia)

Blu Ray Extra Features

  • 5.1 DTS / 2.0 PCM
  • Optional English Subtitles
  • Audio Commentary 1: Ashley Thorpe and Kevin Lyons (EoFF)
  • Audio Commentary 2: Horror Historian Johnny Mains
  • Ultrasound of a Haunting: The Making of Borley Rectory (105 mins)
  • Haunted Generation: The Legacy of Usborne’s World of the Unknown Children’s Book Series (32 mins)
  • The History of Borley Rectory: The Most Haunted House in England (with Stewart Evans, Paul Adams and Eddie Brazil) (60 mins)
  • Anatomy of a Scene: Animating Borley Rectory (10 mins)
  • Celluloid Screams: On Stage Q&A with Ashley Thorpe & Nicholas Vince (32 mins)
  • At the Mercy of Ghosts: In Conversation with Stephen Volk (30 mins)
  • Night Visions: Borley Rectory in Helsinki (24 mins)
  • Reece Shearsmith & Jonathan Rigby: Q&A at the British Library (17 mins)
  • Grimmfest Interview (11 mins)
  • Conjuring the Spirits: Making the Borley Rectory Ouija (10 mins)
  • 2 x Teaser Trailers
  • Trailer
  • Gallery
  • Plus Ashley Thorpe’s Early Short Films:
  • Harry Price and the Martian Lighthouse (5 mins)
  • Scayrecrow (12 mins)
  • The Hairy Hands (12 mins)
  • Screaming Skull (10 mins)

Borley Rectory Cast

  • Jonathan Rigby
  • Reece Shearsmith
  • Claire Louise Amias
  • Annabel Bates
  • Nicholas Vince
  • Steve Furst
  • Stephanie Walls
  • Sara Dee
  • Richard Strange
  • Virge Gilchrist
  • Edward Berry
  • Sabrina Dickens
  • Julian Sands (narrator).

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