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Official LEGO Dungeons & Dragons: Red Dragon's Tale
Official LEGO Dungeons & Dragons: Red Dragon’s Tale


LEGO enthusiasts and Dungeons & Dragons fans alike, get ready to embark on an epic adventure like never before! The much-anticipated release of the LEGO Dungeons & Dragons: Red Dragon’s Tale set brings the iconic tabletop role-playing game to life in brick form. Officially licensed and meticulously designed, this set promises to ignite the imagination of builders young and old, celebrating 50 years of Dungeons & Dragons.

At the heart of this set is the majestic Red Dragon, named Cinderhowl, a powerful spell-caster and the star of this adventure. With intricate detailing and a striking red and black color scheme, this LEGO rendition of the iconic monster captures the essence of its mythical counterpart. Standing proudly atop a rocky outcrop, wings spread wide and jaws agape, Cinderhowl exudes power and majesty.

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The set includes three additional monster/creature builds, each presenting its own unique challenge to the brave adventurers:

Owlbear: Stay alert! Its senses are as sharp as its talons. With its fearsome appearance and formidable strength, the Owlbear is a force to be reckoned with in the dungeons and forests of the realm.

Gelatinous Cube: Watch your fingers around this oozing monster. Transparent and oozing with danger, the Gelatinous Cube lurks in the darkest corners of the dungeon, ready to dissolve anything in its path.

Builders will also find themselves constructing the main feature of the set: an open-backed LEGO build featuring a towering fortress and a winding dungeon. From the soaring battlements of the fortress to the labyrinthine corridors of the dungeon below, every detail has been carefully crafted to immerse builders in the world of Dungeons & Dragons.

In addition to the fearsome monsters and sprawling fortress, the set includes a diverse array of minifigures representing classic Dungeons & Dragons characters:

Dwarf Cleric: A powerful hero who can help their party survive any encounter.

Gnome Fighter: A warrior expert with weapons and armor to keep their allies safe.

Orc Rogue: A master of stealth and strategy who can attack from the shadows.

Elf Wizard: A magic-user with skills and spells at the ready.

The set dimensions are as follows:

  • Height: 19″ (48cm)
  • Width: 15″ (37cm)
  • Depth: 12″ (30cm)

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This LEGO IDEAS set is numbered 21348 and comprises a total of 3745 pieces.

As with all LEGO sets, the Dungeons & Dragons: Red Dragon’s Tale set encourages creativity, problem-solving, and imaginative play. Whether enjoyed solo or with friends and family, building and exploring the Red Dragon’s Lair is sure to spark endless hours of fun and adventure


LEGO Dungeons & Dragons: Red Dragon’s Tale Buy Here

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