Top 5 Haunted Houses in the UK


In the new UK horror/thriller, Psychosis, Charisma Carpenter moves to a picturesque British manor house for some peace and tranquillity. Although at first the beautiful countryside is just the remedy she was looking for, before long her dream of serenity unfolds into a living nightmare as she is pushed to the point of madness by all her unshakable visions of the mass murder that took place there many years before. To celebrate the release of Psychosis we are taking a look at the real top 5 most haunted houses in the UK… spooky!

5. Bosworth Hall

First up the countdown is Bosworth Hall located in Leicestershire and dates back to 1680 and home to the brutal story of Sir Wolston Dixie?s daughter Ann.
As the story goes, Ann fell in love with the gardener?s son. They kept their relationship a secret because they knew Ann?s father would disapprove. He certainly did… when Sir Wolston did find out, he set ?man traps? to ensnare the naughty lad in question. Unsurprisingly, things didn?t go according to plan, as Ann was the one who mangling her leg in one of these snares.

Ann dragged herself all the way back to her room where she bled to death. Her blood left a stain that can still be seen ornamenting the ceiling from the floor below. And visitors claim they still see her ghost lurking the halls.

4. 35 Stonegate

For the sheer number of spirits residing at Stonegate, this 700 year old York house makes the list with ease. Any place that actually has a s?ance room incorporated into it?s amenities is going to be a creepy residence. We can assume the previous owners of Stonegate must have had some interesting hobbies. There are said to be six ghouls haunting that one room.

Some visitors claim that whilst visiting they have felt the icy touch of invisible fingers, and others have heard screaming in the attic. Infamous medium, Derek Acorah reported that upon his stay he was dragged across a room even despite his attempts to break free of the poltergeists? grasp. Poltergeist, one – Acorah, zero.

3. The Ancient Ram Inn

5000 year-old, pagan, burial ground you say? Sounds like a great place to build an inn! The Ancient Ram is now not an inn but it is one of the most famous haunted residences in the UK. It can be foung in Wotton-Under-Edge in Gloucestershire and was said to be a stopping off place for the Pilgrim fathers on their way to the US. As the name would suggest, the Ancient Ram is the oldest building in the town and it is home to many spirits.

Evidence of devil worship and child sacrifice has been found at The Ram, as well as various murders on the premises. The Inn has sleeping chambers with lovely names such as the Witch?s Room, home to a black ghost cat which is often seen and constantly urinates on the bed. If cat piss isn?t your thing you can always take your chances in the Bishop?s Room which is said to contain the most paranormal activity in the entire house.

Many visitors have also witnessed mysterious steam and white vapour appearing in rooms and stairwells. The present owner?s family are so afraid of the place that he built an extension for them to live in.

2. 50 Berkely Square

Death due to fits of terror? Sightings of a shapeless, slithering, horrible mass? Sounds like a winner. Inexplicable and horrifying events have occurred at the infamous Berkely Square for centuries. Annoyingly, most of the history of this house is shrouded in mystery. Some believe the land Berkely Square is built on was once used as an area to dump the corpses of those who died during the plague. But there is no concrete evidence of what actually happened there.
What IS clear is that many people have gone mad in this house and many others have died. It is said that even now there is a police notice declaring that the premises is unsafe. It apparently states that due to the ?Violent paranormal events that have taken place on the top floor? it is not to be used for anything. And they mean ANYTHING – it?s not even used for storage.

1. Borley Rectory

Many of the best haunted houses involve buried corpses and Borley Rectory doesn?t disappoint. Located in Essex, this rectory was built upon the site of an ancient monastery in 1863. As the story goes a nun and monk tried to elope, but when their love was found out, the monk was executed and the nun bricked up in the basement. It is said that her spirit can be seen gliding across the lawn even in the day time.

A huge amount of poltergeist activity has continued for years and increased upon the arrival of psychic researcher Harry Price. It?s reported that wine would turn into ink and strange music could be heard in the distance regularly. Residents would also witness messages scribbled on walls out of nowhere. Spookily, a spirit summoned in a s?ance correctly predicted the rectory burning down and discovery of the nun?s bones beneath.
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