Zombies Of New York And Other Bloody Jottings

Zombies in New York

Zombies Of New York And Other Bloody Jottings is the collection of short stories by horror author Sam Stone.

In the past 12 months Sam has continued to widen her profile and is now penning the movie screen play to her critically respected Zombies At Tiffanys novel.

This is the first audio of her works and is a very good place to start with Sam’s work. The stories themselves are connected by a central female character, Lucrezia, who was introduced in her Vampire Gene Novel ‘Futile Flame’. The characte of Lucrezia is brought to life by reader Stephanie Cannon.

Stephanie’s voice brings real life to the stories, her soft tones can hold a real edge and sexy quality as the story commands.

I think it is fair to say that Sam’s writing style is less Twilight and more Sookie Stackhouse, where there is a good mix of flirtatious sex with the blood, violence and gore.

Sam’s writing style is very fast moving, not looking to dwell on detail, but the perpetual linking of events ever pushing forward. This ‘movie style’ writing does not lead to a series of carboard characters though.

Of the 14 stories included in this volume (13 from the book and an original exclusive addition in form of ‘Walking the Dead’) my personal favourite is “Fools Gold” version of events set around ‘Jack the Ripper’. Though a fairly common story, the Jack the Ripper tale is very much a contender for a Doctor Who episode, would love to see the Doctor with a Victorian Vampress companion.

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