Year One On DVD and Blu Ray


Year One - Hit and Miss Jack Black Comedy
Year One - Hit and Miss Jack Black Comedy
YEAR ONE stars Jack Black (Tenatious D, School of Rock, Tropic Thunder) and Michael Cera (Juno, Superbad) as an unlikely duo of primitive men who, after being exiled from their tribe, set out on a what can be described as a historians bad dream of the ancient world. Along the way, they encounter a host of famous historical figures played by a tribe of film comedy?s best, including Hank Azaria (Night at the Museum 2), David Cross (TV?s ?Arrested Development?), Christopher Mintz-Plasse (Superbad), Oliver Platt (2012, Frost/Nixon), Paul Rudd (I Love You, Man) and Horatio Sanz (TV?s ?Saturday Night Live?).
Now, YEAR ONE journeys from the ancient world onto Blu-ray and DVD, which include both the original theatrical version of the film and an all-new Uncut Version with even more irreverently funny footage not shown in cinemas, plus cool bonus features like deleted scenes, extended and alternate scenes, an alternate ending, Line-o-Rama, gag reel, audio commentary with director Harold Ramis, Jack Black and Micheal Cera, the making-of featurettes ?Year One: The Journey Begins,? ?Sodom?s Got?em? and ?Leeroy Jenkins: The Gates of Sodom,? and more!
Exclusive to the Blu-ray Disc? of YEAR ONE are the highly evolved special features ?Year One Cutting Room,? which lets viewers create their own video using clips and music from the film, and share it on BD-Live?. YEAR ONE also includes the newest BD-Live feature from Sony Pictures: movieIQ, which lets viewers access real-time trivia information about YEAR ONE?s cast, crew, music and production, all while watching the movie (powered by Gracenote). The Blu-ray version also features cinechat, which allows movie watchers to send on-screen instant messages to friends around the world while watching the movie and, finally, a Digital Copy for playback on PC, PSP?, Mac or iPod.
YEAR ONE is priced at ?24.99 RRP (Blu-ray), ?19.99 (DVD) and ?12.99 (PSP).

From The Cover Of The DVD
History was made…by these guys? Zed (Jack Black) and Oh (Michael Cera) are cavemen who stumble out of the mountains into an epic journey of biblical proportions. One?s a bumbling hunter, the other?s a gentle gatherer; together, they become unlikely participants in history?s most pivotal moments. Directed and co-written by comedy legend Harold Ramis (Groundhog Day, Caddyshack, Analyze This), YEAR ONE is rude, crude, wildly absurd, deliciously tasteless and laugh-out-loud funny!
YEAR ONE was written by Harold Ramis and the writing team of Gene Stupnitsky & Lee Eisenberg (upcoming Ghostbusters 3, US TV?s ?The Office?). Its cast also features Olivia Wilde (TV?s ?House M.D.?) and Vinnie Jones (X Men: The Last Stand).

Bonus Material Included on All Versions
Both Theatrical and Uncut Versions of the Film
2 Deleted Scenes
Commentary with Director Harold Ramis, Jack Black and Michael Cera
10 Extended and Alternate Scenes
Gag Reel
?Year One: The Journey Begins? Featurette
Blu-ray Exclusive Bonus Material
Alternate Ending: Sodom?s Destruction
?Sodom’s Got’em? Featurette
?Leeroy Jenkins: The Gates of Sodom? Featurette
Year One Cutting Room: Create your own video and share it via BD-Live! (A Blu-ray first)
cinechat: Send on-screen instant messages to your friends around the world while you watch the movie together
movieIQ: Real-time in-movie information about the cast, crew, music and production via BD-Live (Domestic Only)
A Digital Copy of the film for PC, PSP?, Mac or iPod

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