Game Review By Peter Edwards Introduction

As an ex-phile! I hadn? really kept up to date with the show for a long time, but when the opportunity arose to review an X-Files game came along I jumped at the chance. The game is divided up into 3 episodes, they all start and end as any other X-Files TV show which makes this a fully interactive X-Files experience.


You can play either Fox Mulder or Dana Scully (another thing that impressed me about this game is that they had the cast and writers.) The story starts off in Siberia with a meteor crash and then forwards to the present day with Mulder and Scully investigating murders in a town in Colorado then the fun starts. Then zombies, conspiracies and extra-terrestrial? all enter the mix.


Very reminiscent of Resident Evil 2 and Silent Hill which can? be bad. It is fun to use your torch and gun at the same time just like the show. Some of the camera angles do get you a bit muddled at times this area could have been improved.


The graphics are certainly above average if you look closely the lip-syncing looks like a 70? kung fu movie but that is just a small gripe


The sound and background music is eerie. The best thing though is the voices as they are voiced by the actual actors.


A very enjoyable game a must for any X-Files fan and if any non-fans want to play a very good Resident Evil style game this is highly recommended. All in all a very good game and for only ?0 The Game Is Out There!! Go buy it


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