Who is Conan? This is Sláine the Barbarian


this is Sláine the Barbarian
this is Sláine the Barbarian
The pursuit of the Holy Grail has long driven men mad and in 13th Century France, the madness has reached fever pitch as mighty forces prepare to crush the Cathar Heresy… But this is no cheap Dan Brown thriller – this is Sláine the Barbarian!

In the latest collection of the adventures of Pat Mills’ legendary barbarian warrior, the Celtic warrior and High King of the tribes of Ireland continues his journey through time at the behest of the wilful Earth Goddess Danu.

He arrives in thirteenth century France, where he comes face to face with Crusader Simon De Montfort, the sworn enemy of the Cathars. While searching for the tortured reincarnation of his lover Niamh, Sláine is compelled to join forces with De Montfort in order to seek out the Grail Stone. The quest won’t be easy, however – Sláine will have to defeat the dark forces of El if he is to stand any chance of saving Niamh’s soul!

The Grail War is gory romp through the medieval period as one of the most popular characters in 2000 AD’s history encounters one of the bloodiest chapters in European history!

Written by 2000 AD creator Pat Mills (Marshal Law), with mind-blowing art from Nick Percival (Judge Dredd) and Stephen Tappin (Rogue Trooper), this is the kind of story you won’t find in your history books at school!

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