Who am I part 2


Since my review of Who am I part 1, Antoni Pearce got in contact and let me know he appreciated the honesty and constructive criticism, especially about the sound issues and let us know that he was working on it ready for Part 2 and the rest of his 13 episode long Fan series about the tales of the 12th Doctor.

So here it came into Detox Towers, Part 2.

Picking up seamlessly from part 1 we find the Doctor and Abigail in prison cells aboard the ship of the Malgorians, the hired guns of the alliance. The alliance had apparently ended the 11th Doctors life and were bent on distributing the same fate to the 12th incarnation. A quick escape and a rescue of Abigail later and the scene has been set for the rest of the series and the travels of the Doctor and his new companion.

Pearce productions did listen to us here at Scifind as the sound quality especially on the voices is better. It helps to enhance the cast as they take they foray into not just the world of animation voiceovers but also the very fickle fan base of Doctor Who.

The animation and voices are a lot more in sync in this second part of episode one and the gremlins that affected part 1 seem to have abated.

I am looking forward to the rest of the series as it is made and am fast becoming a fan of the way that Antoni Pearce writes. Even if the Doctor Who animation is not a success I can see Antoni going on to more bigger and brighter things as a screen writer.

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