Who Am I Part 1


Pearce Productions is the brainchild of Antoni Pearce, a family man who just loves to create all things entertaining. After a few knock backs from other companies for his scripts and animations, Antoni decided the only way to get his work out there was to create his own production company and I, certainly, am glad he did. Latest project to come from his studios in the past week is an animated Doctor Who series.

The series launched with Who Am I? Part 1. With a traditional style Doctor Who opening credits and logo, the action starts in 2012 Glasgow, with a dazed and confused man suffering memory loss falling out of the TARDIS. whilst disputing whether to pay for coffee in a local shop, the man is befriended by a young lady who offers to pay for the drink. It transpires through there conversation that the man is suffering accident driven amnesia, but remembers he’s the Doctor and he must have regenerated. Aliens land and start shooting, looking for the Doctor. It turns out that aboard there ship in a prison cell is the 11th incarnation of the Doctor, so we have 2 Doctors sharing the same timeline, a mysterious alliance that need both Doctors and the fist part of episode 1 ends on a rooftop chase cliff-hanger.

There is both good and bad things to report about this show. I will start with the bad so I can end on the positive aspects. The animation comes across as very slow and I hope in the future Pearce Productions get supplied with the software and equipment needed to make more flowing animation. Whilst the acting is good, the voice of the wonderful Shelley Carswell is weak in volume compared to Co-Star Elliot Granger. That said these are not faults with the idea, script or concept more technical issues that I am sure will Iron out over time. The story is very well written, a great believable Doctor Who storyline of humour, confusion, TARDIS’s and aliens out to get the Doctor. The script is humorous and flows well and the rapport between the actors comes across through there animated counterparts. The use of existing Doctor Who soundtrack and effects makes it easy to disappear into the world of the Timelords once again.

In conclusion, I am very much looking forward to episode 1 part 2 and if the level of story creation and script quality are maintained throughout the series then we really are in for a treat. Hopefully sound quality will improve but once you get used to it you get sucked into the story by your love of Doctor Who and your imagination.

So, Bravo Mr. Antoni Pearce and your passionate production firm. Very Impressed.

Who Am I Part 1 can be seen on the website www.pearceproductions.blogspot.co.uk
and you can subscribe to them on YouTube via Mr Pearce productions

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