What Is Mythbusters?


Bit of a personal blog post here. Mythbusters is a TV show that is not directly Science Fiction, but has some firm connections.

For the Brits reading this I am tempted to describe Mythbusters as a hybrid of Jonny Ball, How 2 and “Worlds Biggest Explosions”.

The program sees 5 seasoned special effects experts test out myths and urban legends to see if there is any grain of truth behind the stories.

Most of the guys have worked on the Star Wars prequels, Matrix sequels and other Scifi connected works.

Adam Savage off the show is a major Scifi geek. As well as his day job as a model maker on some huge Scifi blockbusters he has obsessed for years attempting to build the perfect Blade Runner blaster replica. Those following him on Twitter can see some fantastic photos of this http://twitter.com/donttrythis

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