Weird Dream Of The Year?


Had a really weird dream last night. A culture clash of genres. I will try and get down as much detail before it fades

The dream was about the release of a new Diagnosis Murder exclusively to DVD, the special was filmed in 2007 and only hitting the UK DVD shelved in 2009 (I told you I would try and remember as much detail as possible).

I first found out about this DVD release on an interview with one of the major cast on This Morning With Richard and Judy. I cannot remember which cast member – but it was not Dick Van Dyke or Barry Van Dyke.
Anyway I requested a review copy so that I could review it for Scifind – and started watching it (after I had finished watching an episode of Top Gear, where Richard Hammond escapes certain death by dramatically jumping out of the way of a collission between 2 lorries). It turned out that the story sets the scene in 18th Century France where a vampire is burried in the catecomes under Paris. The vampire is played by David Graf (Tackleberry from Police Academy).

A quick jump to the modern day and a modern Paris, Thomas The Tank Engine bursts from the street as there is an accident in the city’s metro (underground) system, releasing the vampire from being trapped in the catacombes.

There is a quick reference to Dick and Barry Van Dykes characters from Diagnosis Murder, basically being shoehorned in to the episode so that the special can carry the brand Diagnosis Murder.

Another quick jump to modern day France with the cast of Police Academy, headed by David Graf (Tackleberry again) and Marion Ramsey (Hooks).

Police officer Hooks then proceeds to climb a tree and turn into a Bat as she too is a vampire

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