Weekend’s TV Grey, Gremlins, Gaiman And More Starting With Other Letters


The weekend is upon us. TV for the duration, sans Sky or Virgin? Have at it scifindians!

Friday opens with Dorian Gray (2009) on More4 at 9pm. Whilst recognisable as the classic tale of the portrait in the attic, this one comes with added CGI, the use of which adds a beautiful etherial light to the piece.

However, Gremlins (1984), ITV2 at 11.35pm is probably far better for easing us into the weekend. If you’ve never seen the tale of furry creatures, just make sure all your eating is ended by midnight!


Mirrormask. 11am, Film4. Seriously, do get up for this. The Gaiman/McKean penned tale of a circus owner’s daughter transported to an alternative reality. Bit of a who’s who of British Actors; McKean directs.

Classic film lovers are catered for as well this afternoon, with War of the Worlds (1953) on More4 at 1.50pm;

Family films  – James and the Giant Peach. Film4 3.15pm; Dragonheart on ITV2 at 7pm.

Later evening offerings are:

I Am Legend (2007) is on ITV1 at 10pm. Whilst the film changes the ending from that of the book (hollywood’s need for sequel potential?) its still worth watching for the story that it does choose to tell.

X-Files (film) on Channel 4 at 11pm. Feature length exposition on the classic series.

Mirrors 12.45am (Sunday) on Film4. Is he going mad, or just on drugs?  Brit psych-drama that has more than a twist of fantasy tucked inside its real world settings.


King Kong (1933) on BBC4 at 9pm. The classic black and white presentation, complete with the special effects of its time.

Pick of the day (and for me the weekend) is Paul (2011) on Channel 4 at 9pm.The Freeview premiere for this comedic romp through sci-fi tropes. Starring Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and the voice of Seth Rogen.  Lots of cameo appearances by the great and the OK of science fiction classics of times past.  I’d love to make this the family film of the day too, but maybe only if you’ve got teenagers eh?

Instead I’m suggesting that you sit the family down in front of Eragon. Based on the Christopher Paolini book, (the first of a trilogy although I’m long past given up on seeing the rest of these wonderful books made   ) there’s plenty of CGI and stunning backgrounds, plus the story has all the traditional good/bad/evil/last of its kind and the humanity of fantasy creatures. Its on Channel4 at 5.30pm

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