Want a Free Hair Cut and ?5 off A-Team DVD?

Rampage Jackson as the A-Team's BA

November is the month of the Mohawk!

Thanks to all-action hardman BA Baracus in The A-Team and a whole host of manly celebrities, from Jared Leto to David Beckham, more and more British men are getting Mo?d up, as ?the Hawk? makes its mark as one of the styles for 2011.

First sported by Mr T in the original A-Team series, it has taken ?Mr E?, namely the newly crowned Mr England Vaughan Bailey, to re-launch the funky cut, inspired by the new film version of The A-Team.

Bailey, who was crowned Mr England in September, went from Hobo to Hunk, having been plucked from a life on the streets to be crowned Mr. England, and cites BA Baracus as one of his inspirations.

Now he is fronting the campaign with celebrity groomer Jason Shankey, who is offering free Mohawks to anyone feeling manly enough to ask for a ?BA? on Friday 26 November. All those who take up the offer will also be rewarded with ?5 off the A-Team on Blu-ray when it is released on Monday 29th November.

Shankey, whose Fulham salon sees some of London?s coolest celebrities through its doors in London?s most happening district, has seen a huge rise in the demand for Mohawks this year.

?The Mohawk is one of those iconic hair cuts that keeps coming back and I have noticed a massive resurgence particularly in the last few months with clients asking for a number of variations of the style,? says Shankey.

?I?d go as far as to say that it is currently one of our most popular cuts for guys under the age of 25! The A-Team and BA have certainly had a huge influence on this as well as the likes of David Beckham and Orlando Bloom who continually revert back to the look. ? The hairstyle is sharp, short and decidedly masculine which is why it is such a top trend especially with our sporting heroes!?

?Mr England cites how BA Baracus was his personal inspiration: ?As a young boy growing up in poverty, The A-Team was the ultimate escapism and BA has always been an inspiration for his all-action, no nonsense attitude and cool image, which has been brought to the 21st Century in the new film.?

?As a Mr Universe candidate I have to be at the forefront of fashion, and I?m pleased to be leading the way with a Mohawk!?

Get a cut above with THE A-TEAM when it is released on Blu-ray Triple Play and DVD on 29 November.

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