Vanguard of Man By JD Lovil


vomcoverkindleWhat if Humanity was threatened with extinction if they stayed on Earth?
In one universe, disaster has struck the Earth.

An Earth that may be ours has a storm of calamities. Financial collapse, encroaching ice age, multiple volcanic eruptions. To top it all off, someone nukes a few cities, and the Pandemics that we have long dreaded wipes out major cities.

In the midst of disaster and martial law, one group looks to perserve the future !
The world infrastructure has collapsed, and a beleaguered group of scientists seek a safe place from which to save the human species. Earth is no longer a safe basket to keep all of humanity in. We must reach the stars.

Build great generational Colony Ships. Create a more than human crew to man the ships.
In Ark City, they create cryopods to ship the millions of people left to new colonies around other stars. To crew the ships that will take them there, they create the Vanguard. Immortal, almost indestructible with intelligence beyond measuring, they are the perfect crew, if they can last the centuries of the voyage without losing their human essence in the process.

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