The Usual Suspects. The Evolution of a Doctor Who Masterpiece


Yes Jodie Whittaker is the Thirteenth Doctor in Doctor Who. Ish. Well you know. Those other regenerations that confuse things. Anyway I digress that Doctor Who discussion is for another time.

Well, new Doctor, you know what that means, it is another face to The Usual Suspects, a piece of comic art produced by Lee Sullivan.

For those that don’t know Lee Sullivan is a graphic artist responsible for comic strips including Doctor Who Transformers, ThunderCats, RoboCop, William Shatner’s TekWorld, Thunderbirds and 2000 AD.

This image, now iconic to Doctor Who fans has a long history, starting way back in 1999. Named and themed around the poster for the 1995 movie of the same title.

Doctor Who's Usual suspects 1999
Doctor Who’s Usual suspects 1999
Usual Suspects 1995 Movie Poster
Usual Suspects 1995 Movie Poster

But things were not over for this piece of work once it saw print.

2000 saw the addition of Paul McGann’s Doctor in velvet frock coat, and Peter Cushing’s Movie Doctor Who. That brought the art up to date, and with “New Who” just a glimmer in Russel T Davies eye it could have all finished there.
Once New Who came around versions with Christopher Ecclestone’s Doctor and David Tennant’s Doctor came, even with the addition of the Comic Relief Doctor’s portrayed by Rowan Atkinson and Richard E Grant

New Who Doctors. Comic Relief Doctors.

Finally with the addition of Matt Smiths 11th Doctor the picture made it to be an official poster with all 12 ‘cannon’ Doctors of the time.

But just as Doctor Who doesn’t stand still neither does this image.

By 2014 we have seen the inclusion of The War Doctor, Peter Capaldi’s Doctor and a costume change of the 8th Doctor now sporting the Night Of The Doctor attire. Also a slight modificatons on the image of several Doctors, and other minor costume changes. Let’s play spot the difference shall we?

Doctor Who 12th Doctor

Jacket changes for 3,4 and 7. Change of waistcoat for 6, Blue Suit for 10. Probably others I have missed.

Now 26th July 2017 Lee Sullivan has revealed his first version of the image with the new face of Doctor Who Jodie Whittaker.

Doctor Who All Doctors WIth Jodie Whittaker

In this image she is sporting a costume inspired by the (brief) reveal trailer, as there is no official word on what her costume will be like. So I am sure that we will see an additional variation of this soon.

Now then Lee, any chance of a similar poster of The Master?

See more of Lee’s art on his website here.

Lee has lately been working on the comic series of The Rivers Of London. Buy Here or Find Out More on this here.

Images of the Doctor Who Usual Suspects used with permission of Lee Sullivan.

Use of the Usual Suspects 1995 poster under fair use for illustration purposes only.

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