Universal Soldier 3 on DVD and Blu Ray


Two titans of the action-adventure world are pitted against one another once more as Universal Soldier 3: Regeneration arrives on DVD, Blu-ray and EST from 5th April 2010 courtesy of Optimum Home Entertainment.

Hands up who didn’t know there was ever a sequel to the original?

Hands up again if you have heard of the original film?

Sometimes these sequals seem to come a little late in the day – buy hey I am holding out for Tremors 5!

Back to Universal Soldier 3. Having been decommissioned for years, the original Universal Soldier, or UniSol, Luc Deveraux (Jean-Claude Van Damme, Maximum Risk, JCVD) is reactivated and retrained to take on his biggest challenge yet. Discovering that terrorists have created a next-generation UniSol and are threatening to unleash a nuclear threat, Deveraux is forced to stage a full-on assault of their heavily armed fortress. Once inside, Deveraux faces the further revelation that he must take on another renegade UniSol, his old enemy, the psychotic and newly upgraded Andrew Scott (Dolph Lundgren, Diamond Dogs, The Expendables). Now, these elite fighters are locked, loaded and ready to kill, with the fate of millions hanging on the outcome of an incredible showdown.

Extras: Making of Universal Solider: Behind The Lines, Trailer, Feature Audio commentary

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