UK Geek Kickstarters.


The pound is at an all time low against the dollar and euro.

Keeping away from the politics of the day we take a look of UK based Kickstarters where you can sepnd your pounds, get best value for money and back UK creativity/industry.

We have scoured Kickstarter and come up with the following 3 projects.
If you have others to suggest for an upcoming blog post please get in contact.

Armoured Syndicate The Board Game

A miniatures based combat board-game of mechs, mercs and money in the ruins of Las Vegas in the near future.

Awesome looking Miniatures, lots of game components and a fantastic £60 buy in.

Find out more and back the game on Kickstarter here.

Purgatory – Skirmish Game

Purgatory is a fresh take on traditional skirmish gaming, packed with high quality resin models in world full of colourful characters.

Again more beautiful miniatures, lovely artwork and quality looking game components. Recommended buy in £70 pledge level.

Find out more and back the game on Kickstarter here.

70s Spacecraft Colouring Book

Limited Edition colouring book based on the works of three of the great 70s sci fi artists – Colin Hay, Peter Elson & Tony Roberts.

Colouring book with a 1970s Scifi nostalgia.

Recommended buy in £20.

Find out more and back the book on Kickstarter here.

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