TripWalk, Book One of The Tripper Series

TripWalk Cover
TripWalk Cover

Author C.M. Halstead pulls out all stops on the Sci-Fi/Adventure train as we ride along with his fast paced, character driven book TripWalk, Book One of The Tripper Series.

Using his vivid imagination, marine mindset, and adventurous spirit he weaves a tale
using seven very unique and ultimately relatable characters. This first novel floors us with
tangible descriptions of these seven; strong women and balanced men, teaming up to create a
better future — or so they believe.

Author CM Halstead wrote TripWalk, along with book two of the series and a third novel, in six months. He states, “Once I made space and shut the judger, editor, and nonbeliever out of the room, the words poured out of me. I now write because I am possessed to do so.”

His passion for being a marine, believing in all possibilities—including time travel—, and the need to create characters that are real, strong, and human on all levels keeps us engaged, from the first page to the last.

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It’s 2114 and humanity has managed to survive. It is time for a special forces group of
specifically chosen and talented individuals to go to work. An endeavor that could involve being
brought back to life, revisiting hidden agendas, kidnapping, stealing, and always utilizing the
best technology. As they TripWalk through time, every skill is used, even ones they didn’t know
they had, all in hopes of completing the bigger picture.


 CM Halstead
CM Halstead

A parallel for life, author CM Halstead, is no holds barred with the underlying message about
where humanity is heading. This fun adventure delivers a powerful message on the human
construct, and our ability to be powerful creators.

TripWalk – Book One of the Tripper Series by CM Halstead release date April 1, 2015 by Wisdom House Books. It is available on his website, and on Amazon, in print and ebook versions.

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