Who else could open a series with a puffer fish speeding along in a sports car, only to stop at a red light to let an old lady cross. This must be Torchwood back on our telly, or maybe it is a Buffy clone?

Russel T Davies (Torchwood producer) has said that he was fascinated by Buffy when he first saw it and wanted to make a UK show of that style. I think the influences of Buffy on Torchwood are very obvious. The use of the Captain John character was a very big call back to Buffy with an almost Angel / Spike relationship between the Captains John and Jack.

Hellmouth replaced by Cardiff Rift?

I have to ignore these comparisons as Torchwood is a fantastic show in it’s own right. Punchy (quite literally), funny, action packed and a good all rounder.

So episode one sees Captain Jack returning to Cardiff after the events of Doctor Who, and surviving a year in hell by the hands of the Master. No sooner is he back than a Time Agent Calling himself ‘Captain John Hart’ (possibly in parody of Captain Jack Harkness’ assumed name) played by Buffy and Angel regular James Marsters, comes along asking help of ‘Team Torchwood’ to recover 3 canisters that may destroy the world.

Of course Captain John is not all he makes himself out to be and events take a turn for the worst for the Torchwood lot.

This episode is a big builder of plot lines and renewing interest in the characters. Captain Jack has a past that has not yet been covered in Torchwood or Doctor Who and this is dragged up. Will we ever learn what happened in those 2 missing years of Jack’s life first mentioned in the first series of Doctor Who? I am sure we will learn more about the time pre-Tardis.

May this be the first episode of another great series.


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