Top Star Wars Spoofs


Star Wars has its fair share of spoofs and parodies since it landed on the public consciousness back in 1977. There are a good amount of Star Wars Parodies on the internet. We have a brief list here of some of the top Star Wars Funnies – there are LOADS more and feel free to tweet us with any further suggestions. Personally I am a particular fan on Eddie Izzard’s take on the Death Star canteen scene and there are other fan favourites like Darth, I mean Chad’s foray into Supermarket management, Star Wars Spoofs are everywhere.

Chad Vader -Day Shift Manager
Darth Vader’s brother Chad Vader rules his empire, the local grocery store, with an iron fist.

Empire State of Mind

Darth Vader has the Empire on his mind. And he is going to sing about it.

Eddie Izzard – Death Star Canteen
There must have been a canteen on the death star. With lego people no?

Trooper Coffee Run
3 day journey across the Death Star, for coffee.

Darth Vader Rap
Vader lets everyone in the galaxy know what?s up.

Robot Chicken Star Wars – Don’t Tell Vader

The council make it known that Darth Vader does not have the power to strangle.

Star Wars Robot Chicken.

So yes this is a cream of the crop, possible second only to Family Guy’s Blue Harvest, but more on the Family Guy’s Star Wars Spoofs a bit later.

There were 3 special Robot Chicken episodes devoted to the Original Trilogy and its prequels.

Robot Chicken was co created by Seth Green (Family Guy, Buffy, Austin Powers) who through most aspects of his career show his love for playing with Star Wars Toys.

The original RC Star Wars episode was essentially an extended episode of [adult swim] which is jam-packed with unforgettable moments parodying all 6 films.

When the cast of a spoof includes George Lucas and Mark Hamill you know you are onto a winner.

In the first instalment the story begins not long ago, in a galaxy not far enough away where we see Emperor Palpatine receive a reverse charge call from the Dark Lord announcing the destruction of the Death Star, watch the droids have trouble getting through airport security and see Admiral Akbar selling out in an advert for his own breakfast cereal. If that wasn’t enough to wet your appetite, George Lucas gets saved from a mob of nerds at a Star Wars convention, Luke and the Emperor settle things with a ‘yo mama’ fight and there’s even a new unforgettable addition to the Star Wars franchise with ‘Empire on Ice’…and that’s just a snippet of the 35 sketches featured!

The second and third episodes continue this trend.

Robot Chicken StarWars III – click image to order

Millions of years from now, after Socrates, Shakespeare and the bible are long forgotten, only two great works will remain: the sci-fi cinema epic Star Wars and Adult Swim’s stop-motion animated, cheap gag extravanganza Robot Chicken. 

Watch Darth Vader fall into a toilet, while Emperor Palpatine rides the endless Death Star escalator! See Gary the Stormtrooper’s speederbike test-drive come to a gruesome, Ewok-splattering end! And witness the firepower of Boba Fett’s fully armed and operational T-SHIRT CANNON! Plus much, much more! It’s Robot Chicken Star Wars Episode III. Set your phasers to ”fun”!(Oh wait, wrong franchise.)


Star Wars Family Guy Trilogy

Blue Harvest

So Blue Harvest was a Star Wars fake name to mask filming of Return Of The Jedi, it falls into place as the name of Family Guy’s take on A New Hope.

Something, Something, Something Dark Side

Its a Trap

Star Wars Scout Troopers On Pushbikes, Family Guy
Star Wars Scout Troopers On Pushbikes, Family Guy

The third and final instalment of the Family Guy spoof Star Wars Trilogy (Looks like they won’t do the Sequels or Prequels), Its A Trap pulls its name from that famous line from Admiral Ackbar.

After saving Han Solo (Peter) from Jabba the Hutt (is that Alec Baldwin?!) and an eternity frozen in carbonite, it’s down to Luke (Chris), Leia (Lois), Han and Chewie (Brian) to topple the evil Empire once and for all? While Vader (Stewie) and Emperor Palpatine (Carter Pewterschmidt) are building a second Death Star to crush the Rebel Alliance, Luke tries to bring Vader (who it turns out is his vertically challenged father) back from the darkside before it’s too late?

The last chapter in the Family Guy Star Wars trilogyknows no limits as Vader reveals an illicit relationship with a guy named Kurt, C-3PO does the ‘Fresh Prince of Belair’ rap in Ewok and Han reveals his sideline, Han Jobs!

Family Guy spoof Star Wars Trilogy, It?s A Trap, comes exclusively to Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Copy
Family Guy It?s A Trap Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Copy

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