Top 10 Crossover Episodes?


Everyone loves a good old TV mash-up between their favourite shows, especially when they result in some intriguing plot lines and cross-cultural references, not to mention adding a romantic twist to a well-loved series. With a nod to the seminal science fiction boundary breakers and a firm tongue-in-cheek approach, we celebrate the release of Warehouse 13 Season Two and A Town Called Eureka Season 4.0 on 19th September 2011 with the greatest in crossover episodes… with a few surprises. Here?s our TOP TEN!

10) Buffy The Vampire Slayer ? Angel

    ?City Of?, the first ever episode of Angel – the spin-off show from the creators of Buffy the Vampire Slayer – was enticingly weaved into the plot of the first episode of Season 4 of Buffy, entitled ?The Freshman?. The two episodes, aired consecutively, gave viewers a glimpse of the continuing romance between the star-crossed lovers Buffy and Angel, with references to their respective worlds and friends. Also look out for ?I Will Remember You?, episode 8 of Angel, where the pair reunites with explosive consequences…

    9) Doctor Who & Torchwood

      Doctor Who favourite Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman) and his hardy team of alien-hunters have made several cameo appearances back in the world of the Tardis, perhaps most memorably in ?Journey?s End? (series 4 episode 13), where the Time Lord and Captain Jack?s team joined forces once again to combat the Daleks? plans for world domination. However the close links between all the shows in the ?Whoniverse? has so far only worked in one direction – Russell T Davies has ruled out the possibility of the Doctor making an appearance in Torchwood… but we?ll let the Tardis decide that…

      8) Stargate Universe / Stargate Atlantis: ?Seizure?

        For fans of the space exploration team franchise, and its exploits in a far off galaxy, the episode ?Seizure? in the second season of SGU provided a treat cameo in the form of Atlantis? Dr Rodney McKay (David Hewlett). He proved he can solve any problem, particularly when teamed up with Robert Carlyle?s mad genius Dr Nicholas Rush. The episode also gave us a taster of the upcoming movie Stargate: Extinction, delighting sci-fi fans everywhere.

        7) X-Files and Millenium

          Aliens are Enemy Number One in both these sci-fi shows, created by Chris Carter; and what better way to fight alien domination than with a combined force of Mulder, Scully and Frank Black (no relation to the Pixies singer) in the episode entitled ?MIllenium?. Frank, the former head of the MIllenium group, is in hiding in a mental institution, and our two alien fighters seek his help in uncovering a conspiracy theory surrounding the millennium apocalypse. This is a seminal episode, topped off by the long-awaited first kiss between Mulder and Scully as they celebrate the year 2000, reminding us all of the seemingly all too real threat of the millennium bug back in the day…

          6) CSI trilogy

            The three CSI cities joined forces in what can only be described as triple the fun when Las Vegas? head forensics honcho Roy Langston (Laurence Fishburne) goes on a road trip to Miami and New York to investigate the dark underworld of human trafficking and prostitution, unveiling plenty of murders and severed limbs on his way. The episodes, entitled ?Bone Voyage?, ?Hammerdown?, and ?The Lost Girls? demonstrated the unstoppable combined brainpower of lead characters Horatio, Mac and Roy, resulting in the ultimate in CSI episodes.

            5) ER & THIRD WATCH

              ER?s Dr Chloe Lewis (Kathleen Wilhoite) rushes over to NYC to search for her missing sister and niece, and is helped by the Third Watch police officers, in the combined episodes of ?Brothers and Sisters? (ER) and ?Unleashed? (Third Watch). Who wouldn?t be excited at the thought of doctors, nurses, policemen AND firefighters in one episode? It?s almost too much uniform to handle. Nevertheless, it remains on our top ten, not least as an inventive way to get those poor overworked doctors to New York and out of Chicago for a few days.

              4) Magnum PI and Murder She Wrote

                Jessica Fletcher, the lady-author and casual murder investigator, is summoned to Hawaii to probe a suspected murder attempt in this episode of Magnum PI. All well and good, except for poor old Magnum, ignored and dismissed as usual, who would have been happy to take on the job. However the two sleuths eventually join forces to crack the mystery, proving that two heads are better than one (or too many cooks spoil the broth?).

                3) Grey?s Anatomy / Private Practice

                  Private Practice, a spin off show from the hugely successful Grey?s, was born from the idea that viewers simply cannot get enough of the heady combination of hot professionals saving lives. In this ?pilot? episode of Grey?s (the Season One Finale) we meet McDreamy?s ex, Addison Montgomery, who has returned to Seattle to ask her estranged husband for help with her ailing brother… no need to mention that Meredith is not happy about her arrival. Although strictly a spin off rather than a crossover, this had to be included for sheer cliffhanger value, and for paving the way for the new series of Private Practice, based in LA.

                  2) The Colbert Report and Daily Show with Jon Stewart

                    After a long and drawn out mock feud, regarding who was responsible for the political success of presidential candidate Mick Huckabee, with each comedian mocking the other on their respective programmes, Colbert and Stewart came up trumps with a hilarious and ludicrous crossover, presenting each other?s shows and generally behaving like lunatics. Part inspired by the writer?s strikes in Hollywood, the comedians released inspiring statements such as: ?We just hope the kids out there learned that sometimes the best way to resolve a conflict is with violence?. We?re not sure a similar stunt on British TV would work as well… can you imagine David Dimbleby and Alan Carr switching chat shows? Nonetheless, the ?in-joke? was a huge success and garnered both comedians a new following. The same can?t quite be said for Huckabee unfortunately…

                    1) And the winner is… Warehouse 13 & Eureka

                      The two hit SyFy shows, Warehouse 13 and Eureka, have joined forces in a double crossover whammy to delight fans of both shows and newcomers alike. The first appearance of a ?Eurekan? in Warehouse 13 (Episode 13.1) is none other than Douglas Fargo, sent over to the South Dakotan desert to fix the computer system, which backfires with life-threatening consequences… Star Wars fans are even treated to some lightsaber action during the episode, which blends its traditional narrative with several knowing nods to sci-fi pop culture. And to return the favour, Fargo?s potential love interest Claudia Donovan pays a reciprocal visit to Eureka, where the sudden arrival of mysterious objects puts everyone?s lives in danger…

                      The mash-up episodes have been described as legendary, prompting fans to speculate over future crossovers and collaborations between the two shows, and setting the bar very high for future pretenders to the crossover-throne in TV!

                      Warehouse 13 Season Two and A Town Called Eureka Season 4.0 are out on DVD 19th September 2011.

                      Guest Post By Jenni

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