Titan Maximum – Time to punch the f**k out of it!!


The creators of Robot Chicken are here to prove that leaving the fate of the world in the hands of idiot kids really ain?t that good a plan?

Revolver Entertainment are proud to present the DVD release of the all new Adult Swim show, Titan Maximum, Season 1, available August 30th, at ?19.99 RRP.

From Robot Chicken Creator Seth Green, Titan Maximum has been a huge hit in the US and is now screening on FX in the UK.

When a once peaceful solar system is threatened by a genocidal madman, TITAN FORCE FIVE commanding the mighty TITAN MAXIMUM are humanity’s only hope for survival. It’s robo-bashing, laser-blasting, monkey-flying, sometimes naked spacefaring action and adventure as only the creators of Emmy award winning ROBOT CHICKEN can deliver!

Meet Titan Maximum?s Misfit space jockeys?

Palmer: Dashing, dark, dreamy and cool. Guys are impressed by Palmer?s heroic feats of derring-do, and girls want to run their fingers through his spiky anime hair. Palmer is effortless excellence?the ace of his fighter squadron before getting drafted into the elite of all elites – Titan Force Five.

Sasha: about as subtle as a sonic boom; she?s the perfect storm of qualities that make tabloid editors wet themselves with excitement. A sultry knockout, the daughter of Titan?s President and a pilot in the legendary Titan Force Five.

Jodi: Cheerful and determined, a workhorse hellbent on improving herself in every way. The flip side of that driven nature is the private doubt Jodi suffers that she?s not good enough and never will be.

Willie: Palmers younger brother, Willie, is a lifelong super-nerd who?s suddenly living the dream. One day, he?s just another recluse in his parents? basement reading comic books, the next, he?s practically a real live superhero, and teammates with Sasha, with whom he?s desperately infatuated.

Leon: The former Titan Force Five monkey butler, Leon is a graduate of the Military Primate Training Academy, which places highly skilled monkeys into exceptionally crappy jobs for zero pay, so humans don?t have to do them. Leon cannot?or perhaps will not?speak English, and communicates almost entirely with contemptuous stares and occasional eye-rolls.

Titan Maximum Season 1 contains all 9 original episodes from the hit show plus 45 mins of bonus features, Anatomy of a Sequence, Behind the Scenes, Crew Mugshots, Deleted Animatics, Table Read.

Watch the trailer at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YcYKbMTCRoY

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