This was always going to be one of the most difficult reviews I?e ever written for scifind. I mean this is THUNDERBIRDS. This is the (apparently) long-awaited big screen version of one of the great iconic shows of the 1960s, a series which, as much as DOCTOR WHO and THE AVENGERS, typified the spirit of imagination and excitement which pervades so much TV of its era, an era in which television was finding its feet and its teeth and beginning to discover exactly what it could achieve. They were pioneering days, thrilling days, times when anything seemed possible and when it usually ended up on TV. The spirit of THUNDERBIRDS and its kin runs through my veins like blood. So how can a bright and brash 21st century reimagining fare against such powerful and important memories? Not too well, sadly?

It? a question of perspective, really. It all depends ]]>

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