These THIRTEEN Will Not Keep Until Halloween

Scott Harrison's Horror Audio Anthology THIRTEEN
Scott Harrison’s Horror Audio Anthology THIRTEEN

Seeing just the cover I fell in love with this audio anthology edited by Scott Harrison. The Skull is striking but the depth of the whole piece is amazing. It is an LP sleeve, with the smoothing effect of the album and the ware of the artword around the black vinyl disc.

It isn’t an LP sleeve though. I don’t think there are plans for a physical version at this time, but the artwork is just glorious.

I haven’t yet heard the innards but I am excited to.

Aside from the cover art, this audio horror anthology had a LOT going for it. Just look at some of the writers involved: Scott Harrison who edits the anthology, George Mann, Mark Morris, Dan Abnett, Kim Newman and Alasdair Stuart (I am sure I know that name from somewhere!)

It will be available to download from – no preorder link I have seen yet – But will be for the 24th Sign Up for our Newsletter and I will send you a reminder

Full track listings

Side A

1 – Hidden Track (part 1) by Scott Harrison read by Barnaby Edwards

2 – Dead Space by George Mann read by Greg Wise

3 – A Girl, Sitting by Mark Morris read by Jilly Bond

4 – Finding The Path by Kaaron Warren read by Trevor White

5 – The Hairstyle of the Devil by Martin Day read by Arthur Darvill

6 – Down by Gary McMahon read by Stephen Rashbrook

7 – Visions by Cavan Scott read by Michael Maloney

8 – Half Life by Dan Abnett read by John Banks

9 – Hidden Track (part 2) by Scott Harrison read by Barnaby Edwards

Side B

10 – With Her In Spirit by Stephen Gallagher read by Frances Barber

11 – Tabula Rasa by Alasdair Stuart read by Lalla Ward

12 – One Hit Wanda by Kim Newman read by Samuel West

13 – A Glass of Water by Mark Wright read by Gemma Arterton

14 – Ghost Pit by Simon Clark read by Jeff Harding

15 – I Wish by Johnny Mains read by Steven Cree

16 – Hidden Track (part 3) by Scott Harrison read by Barnaby Edwards

Oh and there is a back cover, just as delicious as the front.


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