The Wizard’s Coming – Juliet E. McKenna


Juliet E. McKenna is a new author on me, mainly due to the fact that I never really immersed myself in the world of fantasy novels until later in my life. She read classics at St. Hilda’s College in Oxford so from the start I was quite worried that her obvious education and intelligence would somehow be above my understanding, and maybe as has happened before, ruin my read.

I had nothing to fear in reality. Maybe because it is a short story, maybe just because it is written in a style I was comfortable with, I’m not sure but from the opening very descriptive, compelling narrative, I was hooked in this world. I felt the rain on my face as the Captain and his men rode, I felt the hunger and the violence from the men as the first attack happened. The beginning was good and I found the characters believable, which in a fantasy story was a new experience for me, but the story really stepped up a gear with the introduction of Minelas the wizard.

The more I read the more I drifted into the world that Juliet had created, but when it was over I felt slightly cheated, like it was unfinished. Luckily for me The Wizard’s Coming serves as a prequel to the Hadrumal Trilogy, and I shall certainly be checking out those tails, whilst catching up with the other works by Juliet E. McKenna who I have found to write enjoyable, almost picturesque, stories that are easy for the beginner like me to follow whilst I imagine the more seasoned fantasy fan would also enjoy.

Just purely on the unfinished feeling I was left with, I am rewarding The Wizard’s Coming with what seems a paltry 3/5, but the story is excellent and its only the fact it is a short and feels unfinished. I cannot wait to read the next three instalments and watch the review marks hopefully increase. This story is available on free download and you really should give it a try.

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