The Witches of Altenburg Magical Fantasy For Younger Readers.


The Witches of Altenburg
The Witches of Altenburg
Aimed at readers of ages 7-12 (but where books are concerned there is no real upper limit) The Witches of Altenburg is available on Kindle in the UK and USA

Strange and mysterious things are happening in, around and under the Crunklewood trees of Altenburg and it is all because of those witches, the ones that might not be witches at all. Follow the adventures of Isaac T. Cole as he writes down exactly what happened the day the witches appeared, and life in Altenburg was changed forevermore. Along the way Isaac encounters an odd assortment of characters and strange creatures. Is it all a tall tale or are things not as they appear to be? Come along and find out in book one: The Beginning…part of “The Witches of Altenburg” series for young readers 7-12

Author Cindi Walton

Cindi Walton
Cindi Walton
About the Author Cindi Walton is a native Northern Michigan resident and the wife of Michael, mother of two grown daughters, Candi and Kristy, Nana to William and Kaleigh Jean and the doggy mom of Maxwell House, her standard poodle. Cindi believes that childhood should be a time of magic and wonder. She Has written several children’s books and is the founder of Sock Monkey Nation, A kindness and anti-bullying campaign built around the gentleness of the sock monkey toy.

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