The White Queen. DVD / Blu Ray Release


THE WHITE QUEEN DVD and Blu Ray Released 19th August 2013The 10 part BBC1 drama THE WHITE QUEEN, based on the vivid best-selling novel series The Cousin’s War by Philippa Gregory, is to be released on DVD and Blu-ray from 19th August 2013.

The complete collection of THE WHITE QUEEN comes with bonus extra features including ‘A Conversation with Philippa Gregory’ and ‘The Making of The White Queen’ exclusive to DVD and Blu-Ray with a 40mins runtime.

THE WHITE QUEEN is a stunningly rich tale of love and loss, seduction and deception, betrayal and murder, vibrantly woven through the stories of three different yet equally driven women, in their quest for power as they manipulate behind the scenes of history – Elizabeth Woodville, Margaret Beaufort and Anne Neville.

The year is 1464 and England has been at war for nine years battling over who is the rightful King of England – it is a war between two sides of the same family, The House of York and The House of Lancaster.

The House of York’s young and handsome Edward IV (MAX IRONS – The Host, Red Riding Hood) is crowned King of England with the help of the master manipulator Lord Warwick “The Kingmaker” (JAMES FRAIN – True Blood, The Tudors). But when Edward falls in love and secretly marries a beautiful young widow, the commoner Elizabeth Woodville, introducing the actress REBECCA FERGUSON (Wallander, Cold Night), Warwick’s plan for control over the English throne comes crashing down around him. Frustrated by the new Queen’s influence he will stop at nothing to maintain his grip on the King….

The most beautiful woman in the land, Elizabeth Woodville marries for the love of her King, with the help of her mother Jacquetta (Academy & Tony award nominee JANET MCTEER) a self-proclaimed sorceress. Elizabeth’s most fierce adversary is the staunchly loyal Lancastrian Margaret Beaufort (AMANDA HALE – The Crimson Petal & The White) – a damaged and highly religious woman who would willingly lay down her life to see her young son Henry Tudor take the throne. And then there is Anne Neville (introducing FAYE MARSAY), Lord Warwick The Kingmaker’s daughter – a pawn in her father’s battle for control; who finds her strength and ambition when she takes control of her destiny and marries the King’s younger brother Richard Duke of Gloucester who becomes Richard III (ANEURIN BARNARD – Ironclad, We’ll Take Manhattan).

Thom Leaman, Marketing Manager at Anchor Bay Entertainment said: “We at Anchor Bay are thrilled to be bringing what is surely the TV drama event of the summer to home entertainment. The White Queen screams quality from every pore and you would expect nothing less from the BBC and Company Pictures.”

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