The Walking Dead Series 2


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I have been playing catchup with The Walking Dead Series 2 and I am pleased to say it is still exceeding expectations.

I must admit after the first season I was worried about the longevity of a Zombie TV series, but now (personally 4 episodes into the new series) I am actually seeing that this is becoming more of a soap opera against a Zombie Apocalypse background than a shoot’em up, same each episode series with a peril of the week.

The characters are developing well. All of which have their quirks but the series spaces itself from the common stereotypes from Zombie Movies.

The program does shock, but not usually from the walking dead themselves. Suggestions of the horror of what has gone on hang heavy (like a blood and gore splattered child car seat) more than the occasional onscreen devouring of the living.

From the cast of characters one by far has shown the most development and become the most likable. That is ‘Redneck with a Crossbow’ Daryl played by Norman Reedus (who’s other genre credits include Blade II and Pandorum).

So The walking Dead has proved it can keep me interested for 10 episodes and I now have a lot more faith that it will keep my interest well into season 3.

PS – my only real problem in the series is that the Zombies are runners and not shamblers.

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