The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries
The Vampire Diaries

ITV2 presents ?The Vampire Diaries?, a brand new and exclusive drama for viewers to sink their teeth into. Think you know vampires? Unsuspecting Elena Gilbert (NINA DOBREV) is about to get to know two when a pair of very different brothers; one good, one evil ? go to war for her soul. Created by Kevin Williamson, the writer behind the iconic ?Scream? films and much loved TV hit ?Dawson?s Creek?, ?The Vampire Diaries? is the story of a compelling love triangle with a dark, dramatic twist. How far will the vampire brothers take their sibling rivalry to win over Elena, the object of their obsession? The sleepy town of Mystic Falls will never be the same again. ?The Vampire Diaries? is new and exclusive to ITV2 and premieres with a double episode on Tuesday 2nd February from 9pm.

Elena Gilbert?s life has been turned upside down since the tragic death of her parents in a car accident four months ago. Over the summer that follows, Elena tries her best to keep troublesome younger brother, Jeremy (STEVEN R. MCQUEEN) from spiralling out of control. He has turned to alcohol and drugs to hide his grief and trouble brews when he becomes infatuated with rebellious Vicki, (KAYLA EWELL) the sister of Elena?s former boyfriend Matt, (ZACH ROERIG) who still has feelings for his ex. Elena attempts to salvage what family life her and Jeremy have left, with the help of their Aunt Jenna (SARA CANNING), now the Gilbert?s legal guardian.

On her first day back at Mystic Falls High School, Elena meets Stefan Salvatore (PAUL WESLEY), the devastatingly handsome but mysterious new boy at school. There is an instant attraction between the two lost souls and they form an immediate deep connection. However, Elena is unaware that her enigmatic new boyfriend is hiding a dark and deadly secret. Stefan is a vampire, continually resisting the urge to taste her blood. Elena?s best friend Bonnie (KATERINA GRAHAM) is coming to terms with her new found psychic abilities and the bad feeling she picks up from Stefan leave her deeply worried. There is also competition in store as Elena?s rival Caroline (CANDICE ACCOLA) sets her manipulative sights on Stefan.

When the residents of the usually quiet Mystic Falls become the victims of a series of violent attacks, Stefan?s suspicions are raised and it?s not long before his greatest fear is realised. His older brother and bitter enemy Damon (IAN SOMERHALDER) has followed him back to their childhood home to wreak havoc and claim Elena for himself.

The brothers have a turbulent, brutal past and Damon understands his brother’s fixation with Elena better than anyone. She looks exactly like Katherine, a woman Stefan loved more than a century ago and who Damon tried to make his own. Now history is repeating itself and the immortal brothers are battling it out for Elena’s soul.

The series was a ratings smash when it premiered in the US in September 2009 and is based on the bestselling series of books by L.J Smith. ?The Vampire Diaries? is packed with tension, drama, mystery, romance and plenty of bloodsucking!

?The Vampire Diaries? is brand new and exclusive to ITV2 from Tuesday 2nd February, 9pm.

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