The Strangest Thing About Stranger Things Isn’t What You Think


It’s no secret that Stranger Things, the sci-fi/horror series about a group of children and teenagers who must deal with the strange happenings in their town, has garnered quite the following since its debut last year. In fact, the show won a number of Emmy awards in 2017 and has continued to build up its audience as it heads into its second season this October. Many people have praised Stranger Things for its nostalgia-driven plot line and heartfelt character moments, but there’s one strange thing about this show that may not have even occurred to you until now…

The Duffer Brothers Are Blowing Our Minds
Matt and Ross Duffer are making us lose our minds with their newest Netflix show, Stranger Things. The show has so many twists and turns, but if you’re still looking for more information on the up-coming season check out the trailer below!

Episode Titles Reveal the Theme
Episode titles also hint at the dark and disturbing themes of the show. The first season episode, Chapter One: The Vanishing of Will Byers hints at Will’s disappearance at the hands of a supernatural threat. Chapter Two: Weirdo on a Roll may reference Eleven’s discoveries about her powers, which includes the ability to open doors in order to travel between dimensions.

Unexpected Plots
Stranger Things is best described as a blend of Spielberg and Stephen King with a little bit of nostalgia sprinkled in. Don’t get me wrong, the show is incredible, but I was surprised at how it’s more centered on its 80s motif than one might assume.

Winona Ryder Is God
Winona Ryder isn’t just the best character on Stranger Things. Winona Ryder is God.

A Few Characters Carry the Story
An overlooked aspect of Stranger Things is the fact that it centers around children. Kids with their own journeys, triumphs, and tragedies. As an 80’s kids, the show makes me nostalgic for childhood in a different way than I had been before. Like looking at your childhood through a vintage filter.

Reusability is Key in Creating Great Drama
In Hollywood, storytellers have a saying: Reusability is key in creating great drama. The Stranger Things creators understood this, and for every time Hawkins citizens avoided speaking about a traumatic event that happened to them or someone they know, an even more intense cliffhanger episode was just around the corner.

No Single Character Exemplifies Evil
Stranger Things is a great show, not just because of the drama, humor, or suspense. One thing that sets it apart from other shows is that there is no main villain. In Stranger Things, even the bad guys have good intentions behind their wrongdoings.
There are many moments where you’ll be yelling at characters to do something in order to stop whatever’s happening.

Easter Eggs Everywhere!
I love the Netflix original show Stranger Things. With it’s light-hearted moments and suspenseful cliffhangers, it has captured the attention of TV fans everywhere. One thing that I love about this show is that it often includes lots of movie references and clever little things for the viewer to spot.
My favorite Easter egg in this show is when Joyce makes blueberry pancakes for her kids one morning and she mentions how those are their favorite because she watched a TV chef make them once.

Wordplay and Thematic References
Every show has certain themes and inspirations to which fans can relate, but Stranger Things features the most explicit references that are hard to miss. This may be one of the strangest things about the show–stranger things, I guess? The dark atmosphere and mood has caused many fans to point out that it is heavily inspired by films such as E.T., A Nightmare on Elm Street, Stand By Me, It, Alien, Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood, or even Poltergeist.


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