The Silence seen at The Doctor Who Experience…


The Silence - Shhhhh
The Silence - Shhhhh
… er what did I just say?

Have quite a few pen marks on my arms, possibly due to this:

This Friday 13th May Doctor Who Experience will prove monsters are real by giving you the opportunity to come face-to-face with one of Doctor Who?s most terrifying of monsters to date as The Silence arrive at the Doctor Who Experience.

The Silence will be on show in the walk-through part of the Doctor Who Experience following their appearance in the opening two episodes of the award-wining series, The Impossible Astronaut and Day of the Moon.

Fans will be able to encounter these terrifying monsters for the first time, who, with their powers of telepathy and eerie ability to erase themselves from your memory have been cited as one of the Doctor?s more frightening foes.

Glimpse one of these creatures at Doctor Who Experience and you may feel slightly unsettled the moment it’s out of view but the real question is? will you remember?

Come fly the TARDIS and dare to meet The Silence, by taking a starring role in your very own Doctor Who adventure at the Doctor Who Experience. Step through the crack in time and become the Doctor?s companion in this exhilarating walk through experience that recreates all the best parts of the hit TV series. Come face to face with some of the scariest monsters seen on the screen including Daleks, Cybermen and the latest addition from series 6: The Silence.

There?s fun for family and fans alike with the largest collection of authentic Doctor Who props and artefacts including all the previous Doctor?s iconic costumes, the original David Tennant TARDIS set and even interactive lessons in how to walk like a Cyberman!

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