The Resident – Official Trailer


Produced by Hammer Films and starring Academy Award winner Hilary Swank (The Next Karate Kid), Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Watchmen) and Hammer veteran Christopher Lee (Dracula in the best HAMMER movies), the film is set for release on 11th March 2011.

Every year, several million single women in America move into an apartment. They don?t know who lived in the apartment before them, they don?t know their landlords, and they don?t bother to change the locks.

This is the story of one such woman…

After separating from her adulterous husband, the beautiful and young Dr. Juliet Devereau (Swank) moves to Brooklyn, NY and settles into a new life in a stunning and spacious loft apartment that seems too good to be true. Mysterious occurrences lead her to suspect she is not alone in her home and quickly her fears become all too real. In a chilling revelation, she discovers her seemingly charming, young landlord, Max (Morgan), has developed a dangerous obsession with her. Unknown to both of them, Max suffers from Borderline Personality Disorder. A terrifying game of cat and mouse ensues as Juliet is forced to fight and free herself from Max?s increasingly sinister intentions.

Hammer Films

THE RESIDENT is a new feature from the legendary British film company, Hammer Films, only their second (after this year?s ?Let Me In?) in over 30 years. Hammer has a long and treasured history, having produced over 300 movies and television programs and it remains synonymous to this day with cult genre filmmaking featuring vampires, zombies and mummies, and covering such diverse styles as sci-fi to suspenseful thrillers.

Originally launched in 1934, Hammer delivered a hugely successful run of films in the 1950s including Gothic classics ?Dracula? and ?The Curse of Frankenstein? and Sci-fi picture ?The Quatermass Experiment?. Hammer’s reputation became branded worldwide as ‘The Hammer House of Horror’.

In the 1960s Hammer struck distribution deals with Universal, Warner Brothers, Fox and Columbia. Hammer went on to produce a huge volume of films which included such titles as ?The Plague of the Zombies? , ?The Nanny?, ?Quatermass and the Pit?, ?The Devil Rides Out? and ?One Million Years BC?.

Not in production since the 1980s, the company is now being enthusiastically reinvigorated by Exclusive Media Group, through new investment in the development and production of film, television and digital-platform content.

Instrumental in the acquisition of the Hammer brand in 2007, along with Exclusive?s COO Marc Schipper, was current President and CEO, Simon Oakes. ?Hammer had a distinct effect on me when I was growing up. The sexy, gory films, I probably wasn?t supposed to see, as well as the formidable characters such as Quatermass made powerful impressions on a young man?. I was later fascinated by Hammer?s presence in the everyday vernacular – it was so frequently referenced, yet Hammer had not produced a film in thirty five years. It struck me that Hammer is a brand which will never die – contrary to its usual subject matter!?

Hammer?s 21st century return to horror was heralded by the interactive web serial ?Beyond the Rave?, which was broadcast by MySpace in 12 territories in 2008. 2010 has seen the worldwide theatrical release of highly anticipated thriller, ?Let Me In?, a remake of the widely acclaimed Tomas Alfredson- directed Swedish film ?Lat Den Ratte Komma In,? and adapted and directed by Matt Reeves (?Cloverfield?).

Today, Hammer has an active development slate totaling more than 25 projects across diverse genres, sourced out of both Europe and the United States. Hammer expects a number of these projects to go into production during 2010/2011, including ?The Woman in Black?, based on the best-selling Susan Hill novel and set to star Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) as well as the poltergeist-themed, supernatural horror ?The Quiet Ones?.

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