The outing of Dredd


The outing of Dredd

Late last week the Internet went wild with rumours that Judge Joe Dredd was coming out in the next issue of 2000AD. The tabloid press picked up the story, which itself outed a range of opinions, including some from Dredd fans that they would be burning their copies of the issue.

As a long time reviewer of 2000AD for Scifind I get to read each Prog in advance. So I know how this week’s Dredd pans out, but Rebellion’s clear embargo and my own desire not to spoil your enjoyment prevents me from divulging more here. What I will say is that the story is touching, effecting and thought provoking.

What provoked thought in me was a realisation that some fans of Dredd could be homophobic. That had never occurred to me before, despite the central character being a far right future parody of Clint ‘Republican’ Eastwood’s Dirty Harry role. Mega City One has been home to so many lifestyles, choices and relationships in its 36 years, surely there’s always been room for gay love and sex, even from Judges themselves. Still waters run deep, as someone once said.

Comics fans for many years were derided by the mainstream, and even with the ‘graphic novel’ and its ilk, I still get strange looks from time to time when I tell someone I read 2000AD. So let’s embrace difference, protect free choice, and applaud Rebellion for shining a well overdue light on homosexuality in the 22nd Century. And above all, buy Prog 1817 on Wednesday.

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