“Everything that has a beginning has an end. . .”

Six months on from RELOADED and the world has changed. In half a year, things on the Matrix front have gone quiet- no more huge articles in film magazines. Barely any tie ins, as opposed to part 2’s mobiles, shavers, televisions- etc. Hell, the last one had a mention on the ten o clock news!! No, the coming of REVOLUTIONS has been bizarrely quiet. This could be down to any number of factors, but the general reviewing consensus is that RELOADED was a pretty crap load of old cobblers. Sorry, but I cant see how they reasoned that one- but I’ve reviewed that movie elsewhere. This is no longer the sequel to THE MATRIX- the direct comparisons RELOADED seemed to stall under are gone. This time, we know come hell or high water, what we get carries on from the torturous ‘to be concluded’ caption that we got in May. In short ladies and ]]>

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