“Mr Anderson!”

Ding ding, round one. Well here it is folks, the film most of us have been waiting over four years for, (with the exception of Star Wars et al) the movie that starts of the ‘year of the Matrix’ proper. First the excellent game led us into the new movie, then the brilliant looking Animatrix dvd release in the early part of June keeps us happy a few weeks post Reloaded, then to cap it all the final Matrix instalment, The Matrix Revolutions in November. It is a Neo fans wet dream, all this in the space of six months or so, and the fact that the game and (from what I have seen) Animatrix both are top quality products that intersect, merge with and sometimes affect the main movie plot is something, I don’t think has been done before on this scale or any- if you like the Matrix, play the game, get the Animatrix dvd and ‘jack in’ to this world while its all new a ]]>

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