The Invasion



Jack Finney? classic 1955 novel The Body Snatchers gets a modern retelling starring Daniel Craig and Nicole Kidman

The Invasion is a contemporary action thriller that explores the possibilities of a nearly imperceptible alien invasion that slips to the Earth on the hull of the space shuttle. When the shuttle cracks up in the atmosphere, the alien hijacker ?which takes the form of a spore ?becomes impossible to contain. And overnight ?in their sleep ?people begin to change, their body and minds given over to something markedly not human.

Nicole Kidman plays a psychiatrist whose experience with a patient becomes her first warning sign that her world is changing. Soon, more and more people are transformed into emotionless, colorless ?natchers?with one imperative: to infect others and take control.

In the film, the only way to remain undetected as an unchanged human is to show no emotion. Kidman? character, Carol Bennell, goes from struggling to understand what? going on to the single imperative of rescuing her son from Snatchers. Jackson Bond, making his feature film debut, stars as Carol? son, Oliver, who is somehow immune to the infection and may hold the key to a cure ?which is why the Snatchers want him and why Carol must stay awake long enough to protect him.

The Invasion is released across the UK on 12 October 2007

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