Aieee!! THE GRUDGE is bloody terrifying. I? a big tough bloke and I don? scare easily but this tense, sparse remake of the classic Japanese horror JU ON: THE GRUDGE had me leaping about in my seat and, if I? been on my own, very probably squealing like a girl when the scary stuff happens – which is frequently.

Karen (Sarah Michelle Gellar, finally earning her acting spurs on the big screen) is a na? young exchange student relocated to Japan with her boyfriend Doug (Jason Behr from the underrated cult TV series ROSWELL). Karen? a trainee care worker who becomes inextricably linked with something creepy and supernatural – quite literally a grudge which reaches out from beyond death – when she is assigned to look after a mad old woman living in a big creaking house. Something nasty? lurking in the house and, surprisingly early in the movie, it looks as if ]]>

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