The Doctors New Clothes


.David Tennant has revealed his Doctor’s costume, a pin stripe suit, trench coat and sneekers!
David says
“I think we’ve come up with something distinctive that’s both timeless and modern, with a bit of geek chic and of course, a dash of Time Lord!”

“Most importantly, Billie tells me she likes it – after all, she’s the one who has to see me in it for the next nine months! ”

Elisabeth Sladen is set to return as Sarah Jane Smith who was previously the assistant to both Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker

Frience of – Antony Head is also to appear in series 2,

The second series kicks off with a 60 minute Christmas Special. Christmas becomes a time of terror for Planet Earth, as the whole of mankind falls under the shadow of the alien Sycorax. Rose needs the Doctor’s help, but can she trust a man with a new face?

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