The Bionic Woman New Series On DVD



The Bionic Woman is brave resurrection of the classic 70? show Million Dollar man series. The new series stars Michelle Ryan (best known for her stint on Eastenders unfortunatly) with an American accent. This Season premiere received the highest midweek ratings on the US network NBC for almost a decade and it? recent airing on ITV2 ranked it as their biggest ever show. The full series of The Bionic Woman is released on DVD by Universal-Playback on the 12th May 2008.

Jaime Sommers?(Michelle Ryan) is nearly killed when she is hit by a car. In order to be saved she receives experimental top-secret medical enhancements. As Jaime soon discovers, her salvation has come at a high price, changing her life and body forever.

Jamie ends up working for the Berkut Group, a quasi-governmental private organization that performed her surgery.

All 8 episodes are included on this 2 disc set ?along with 4 bonus mini documentaries

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