I? not a fan of musicals as such but I know what I like. I loved – to the point of splitting at the sides – SOUTH PARK – THE MOVIE a few years back. I loved it so much I bought the soundtrack album. Now the men behind the miracle of SOUTH PARK (the anti-SIMPSONS) are back with their latest creation. TEAM AMERICA:WORLD POLICE, the work of evil geniuses Trey Parker and Matt Stone, takes broad swipes at just about everything – American foreign policy, American jingoism, internationalism, the power and self-importance of Hollywood celebrities – with the help of some Gerry Anderson-style puppets. This is Parker and Stone? ?ffectionate?tribute to THUNDERBIRDS (which one of them recently described as ? f***ing boring show?- burn him!!) and it? as coarse, vulgar and politically-incorrect as you might expect. Fortunately, it? also a hoot-and-a-half s ]]>

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