TarDisk – MacBook Storage That is Bigger On The Inside


Spotted and interested me due to the pun….

TarDisk. The Most Reliable and Perfect onboard Storage Module / MiniDrive to Date.

tardisk_circleThe TarDisk cleverly seats a MicroSD card inside your SD port. MicroSD cards are waterproof, shock proof and nearly indestructible, keeping your files safe like never before! The TarDisk’s precision machines aluminum engineered end cap fits seamlessly against your MacBook and unlike competitors doesn’t require a special tool for removal.

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The Build: Each TarDisk Consists of 3 components
1) A Polymer Plastic Casing
2) AirCraft Grade Aluminum End Cap
3) An extremely efficient Circuit Board

The Plastic
TarDisk’s Plastic case is made of industry leading High Density polymer plastic. Modeled at tremendous Pressure and sonically welded together.

The End Cap
TarDisk end caps are precision machined out of Air Craft Grade Aluminum, and Perfectly Anodized using the SAME ANODIZING process Apple uses for their MacBook’s, ensuring a perfect match and fit.

The Circuit Board

TarDisk Circuit boards are extremely efficient, pins are perfectly soldered with lead free solder, and contacts are plated in gold. Making for a more reliable MiniDrive. (Nifty MiniDrives use Epoxy and less efficient circuitry. see image below)

The Assembly
Adapter Chips and End-Caps are fitted into the back plastic high density polymer mold then the molded front plate is sonically welded in place. The end cap and mold architecture is built to withstand well over 50 KG of force. With a design that evenly disperses excess pressure and ensures the end caps will not break off Mid removal.

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