Taking on Amazon – with just £500!


How would you react to someone saying that they are taking on amazon.com’s global e publishing empire with just £500?

You’d probably laugh; go on, admit it…

videoladyWhat would you say if someone said that they could start changing the e-publishing landscape with the support of thousands of self published and traditionally published authors?

Got your attention now??

E-book publishing is dominated by one company worldwide. There are a few other huge companies out there but they all have one thing in common – they’re driven by profit.

The sheer number of publishers and authors vastly out weigh the virtual bookshops
so inevitably authors spend much more time in the marketing of their books that they do writing the next one. Clearly this isn’t good for creativity and quality control.

This effort of the self published author is repaid by having to keep cover price very low (usually 99p / 99c) of which the author recoups less than 70% after commissions have been taken by the big e-book publishers.

This is a book they have written. edited, converted for publishing and then marketed.
With the ratio of content producers to content distributors being so high it’s amazing that a revolution has not yet taken place.

But the time for that revolution has come at last…

We have put together SFBuzz.com – Ethical /Open e-book Publishing from SFBuzz.com Publishing. This exciting innovation in the world of e-publishing will
run more like an authors co-operative than a traditional electronic publisher. We will be serving monthly reports to our customers, authors and the general public, showing funds received, funds distributed to authors, funds used for marketing, miscellaneous administration etc.

The tools are all in place….

We do not have access to a KINDLE or other e-book reader. Instead we are using our own smart phone / tablet app and the open e-Pub format which can be read on existing e-readers. Development is well underway with the online marketplace which works with the app and this is expected to be completed January 2015.

Oh and that £500?

That’s real. That’s the initial target for our ‘crowdfunding’ campaign. The campaign is to fund our release title but should we get a £5 pledge from each of the team’s social media contacts we can build a scalable service and commission a range of influential authors to help with our launch.

But one step at a time!

This is an exciting journey and we would be grateful for the involvement of others, the self published author, the small publisher, the consumer of fiction and the general anarchists who would like to see the small guy rise up from the shadows of the titans!

About / Contact Information: SFBuzz is a project from the team that brought you scifind.com

For Press and Media enquiries please feel free to contact us using the following methods:

email: sfbuzz@scifind.com
Twitter @scifind
Facebook http://www.facebook.com/scifind

Link URLS: http://www.sfbuzz.com

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