In the second of these What If plays Big Finish wonders what if the Doctor wasn’t on hand to help Unit along with the likes of The Auton Invasion and Dinosaurs in London?

Well here we have it, the Doctor arrives in Hong Kong 1997 just after his forced regeneration and exile to Earth by the Time Lords in the guise of David Warner. This is a piece of dream casting for the old Doc, Mr Warner commands alot of respect for his portrayal of the Doctor and I would like to see more of him with the old Type 40.

The plot is actually a good UNIT story and the ‘what ifs’ that I have previously talked about, are played nicely in the form of hints and throw away comments. Despite the Brigader’s now darkend past his character shines through as Nicholas Cortney returns to the role as if he had never left (in some ways he never has though!).

For this alternate Third Doctor Story there could only be one villan (if you cannot guess who I won’t tell you).

I am now pining for more Warner Who as the climax to the story leaves the whole thing begging for a series to follow, indeed if Dr Who was to come bact to our screens this play would form a nice opening chapter either as is or altered for nineth Doctor continuity.

It is a bit early for Christmas Wish lists but to start mine

1) New Series of Doctor Who starring David Warner

I just hope Auntie Beeb sees this before Santa


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