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Set in a near-future Scotland, we follow newbies Maya Hedges and Martin Carmichael as they join the Paranormal Investigation Team Scotland (PITS). Series 1 follows their case of Lycan A202, a dangerous werewolf assassin on the run.

Currently they are looking to raise a very modest £1000 to fund the final stages of Series One and put the series in good stead for series 2.

Please check out their campaign on Indiegogo. Pledges start at £10, which considering the value of being able to watch the series online, without putting your hand in your pocket is the least you could do.

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Episode 1: The New Recruit

Maya Hedges risks everything to pass the test set upon her to join the PITS team, but what are her true motivations and will PITS operation manager Norris Fletcher (Simon Weir) see through her lies?

Written by Fraser Coull.

Ellen Patterson Interview   Simon Weir and Chris Bain Interview  Kenny Boyle Interview

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Episode 2: Preparing The Weapon

Set 5 years before episode 1, a young and potentially dangerous werewolf is kidnapped by The Cult of Many Faces. The pair face off against one another, pitting their wits together in an attempt to see who will crack first.

Written by Fraser Coull.

Christmas Special 2016: Astrid’s Secret

A spin-off episode written by Roland Moore. Astrid Bennett is a reliable and unremarkable member of the PITS team. She’s not on the front line, but provides office support behind the scenes. Norris Fletcher is her boss, but knows little about her quiet and introspective employee. That’s until he drops round Astrid’s house unexpectedly one night…and then he discovers that Astrid has a dark secret…

Episode 3: In Crimson

Upon discovering Lycan A2o2’s latest kill, the PITS team find themselves wrapped up in the mystery of the Crimson Murders. After investigating a gruesome crime scene, Maya then has to face up to the thought of meeting her Aunt, Tina, who she hasn’t spoken to in quite some time. Meanwhile, The Cult of Many Faces makes his first move in his terrifying game.

Written by Ian Smith and Fraser Coull.

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Episode 4: Revolution in a Teacup

With fellow PITS agent Martin kidnapped, Maya is determined to chase every lead, causing her to clash with goody-two-shoes Grace Mackenzie. The Cult of Many Faces ramps up his campaign of terror, visiting vampire queen, Lady Audrey MacDairmid (guest star Sophie Aldred), taunting her about werewolf activist David Brannigan (James Payton) and his army of wolves. Meanwhile Alexis is forced to face her humanity when a face from the past catches up with her.

Guest stars: Rachel TeateSimon WeirSophie Aldred and Mhairi Calvey.

Written by James T Harding.

Sophie Aldred Interview Simon Weir Interview Innes Anderson Interview

Episode 5: Fight the Bite

Taking Zoe’s advice to heart, Alexis finds herself in the strange world of supernatural support group, “Fight the Bite”, while Maya struggles to obey Norris’ orders of desk duty when she receives a troubling message from The Cult of Many Faces as the team race against the close to save Martin’s life. We are also introduced to Vampire PR specialist Alicia Hughes (Leona Vaughan) who has been sent by the Minister of Justice (Chris Bain) to oversee the PITS team’s mission when the vampires threaten to revolt over the death of one of their leaders.

Guest Stars: Leona VaughanSimon WeirRachel Teate and Katrina Bryan.

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Written by Laura Anne Anderson

Spinoff Minisode: Trapped

During a routine security inspection, PITS officer Astrid Bennett finds herself trapped with Fight the Bite moderator, and werewolf, Jenny Connor, as they search for an escape when a prominent werewolf hunter, Karis Jones, takes over the building.

Written by Fraser Coull

Episode 6: Inhuman Nature

The Cult of Many Faces has Maya Hedges right where he wants her, and the truth about her parents will be revealed. Grace will struggle with Norris’ authority, taking a risk with her fiance, Alicia, that could jeopardise the very existence of the Paranormal Investigation Team Scotland. Meanwhile Alexis is left to convince Martin that becoming a vampire is far better than a mortal, forcing her to face her own humanity in the process.


Written by Fraser Coull


Original Pilot

The PITS team, lead up by Eve Mitchell (Kirsty Strain), pull in Vampire C56 aka Julia (Sarah Louise Madison) over a zone violation on her curfew rights. However it soon becomes clear that Eve and Jack (Mark Harvey) have an ulterior motive and wish to exploit Julia’s predicament to find out about a mysterious, powerful werewolf known only as Lycan A202. Written by Fraser CoullWatch the Behind the Scenes Making Of

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