Sue Perkins / Doctor Who Campaign

Sue Perkins Alternate Doctor for Bigfinish's Doctor Who Unbound
Sue Perkins Ideal Female Doctor for Doctor Th

==This is an ongoing campaign started in 2013.==

After all the love for a female Doctor we are keeping our #doctorsue Doctor Who campaign open in the hope that Sue Perkins gets to be a TimeLady/Lord in a future series of Doctor Who. #DoctorSue if you will!

A bit of history of the original can be found below.

A summary of media attention on getting Sue Perkins into the TARDIS can be found here.

With a focus on TV casting Sue Perkins as the first female (cannon TV) Doctor. Please tweet the following to show your support.

Dear @BBCDoctorWho please make @SuePerkins a Timelady #DoctorSue

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Last time we got into The Sun, The Mirror, Digital Spy.

Lets see if we can achieve what we started 3 years ago!

==Original Post==

After the media frenzy that was this article that re cast Doctor Who with all Female Doctors from 1963 to the present day we found that there was a LOT of love for the idea of Sue Perkins being the Doctor.

We thought we would start a campaign to make this happen. It is not so far fetched as you may imagine. There has been a female Doctor in a BBC licenced story before.

Doctor Who Unbound: Exile
was an officially licenced audio drama by BigFinish with female actress Arabella Weir as the Doctor. This audio is now 10 years old. We would love to see Bigfinish restart the Unbound Series and this time have fan favourite possible female Doctor Sue Perkins take the role.

Scifind knows that Sue is a bit of a fan girl with scifi. When she realised her name was taken for a Block in 2000AD she couldn’t contain herself.

We feel we need to give this a little push to happen.

We would love to use the power of TWITTER to make this happen. Now you can support us on facebook also!!! (15th Feb 2013)

We ask all fans of this idea to tweet the following. Please Copy and Paste this into your status (RTing will help but best to be a new tweet)

Dear @Bigfinish please make @SuePerkins a Timelady #DoctorWhoUnbound #DoctorSue

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UPDATE 1st June 2013

Matt Smith to leave Doctor Who
In response to this, with new casting of the Doctor coming soon we have relaunched this:
With a focus on TV casting:

Dear @BBCDoctorWho please make @SuePerkins a Timelady #DoctorSue

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