Street Fighter: Legacy Trailer


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Since the launch in May 2010 the promo almost 1.9 million hits (almost 3 million across the channel) as well as being the top viewed, favourited and rated video of the month in YouTube’s Film and animation channel, and the 25th most favourited and 62nd highest rated Youtube video of all time!

The film has been conceived and created by Bourne Ultimatum star Joey Ansah (Blackbriar Assassin Desh) for Street Fighter fans, and the figures speak for themselves with a 98.3% approval rating out of 15,686 votes!

Actor and stuntman Joey Ansah, famous for playing ‘Desh’, the assassin in The Bourne Ultimatum, decided the time was right for a different type of film version of Street Fighter. Streetlight repped Australian director Owen Trevor came on board to co-direct the film with his experience and strong visual flair carried forward from shooting on three series of the acclaimed Top Gear. Co-writing with Christian Howard, Joey also choreographed all the fight sequences and it was posted at Prime Focus.

The film brings the much-loved game to life in what Joey and Producer Jacqueline Quella describe as ?a love letter to the fans and the brilliance of the game.? Every effort to ensure all the details are as faithful to the original as possible, including the costumes, choreography, narrative, music and the cherished special moves.

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