Stormhouse – British Horror Movie

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In 2002, eight months before the invasion of Iraq, the Military captured and imprisoned a supernatural entity at Stormhouse, a secret underground base. This film documents the final four days of that experiment.

‘Ghost whisperer’ Hayley Sands is brought to Stormhouse by the Government to make contact with the captured entity. But her arrival triggers a series of events which lead to the entity’s escape, plunging the base into a horrific nightmare.

Stormhouse is written by Jason Arnopp (Doctor Who: Gemini Contagion) and directed by Dan Turner (Experiment, Girl Number 9) and stars Katie Flynn, Grant Masters, Patrick Flynn, Grahame Fox, Munir Khairdin, James Capel, Andrew Hall, Jordan Pitt and Frankie Fitzgerald

Stormhouse will have its world premiere at the Edinburgh International Film Festival in June 2011.

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