Storm Troopers On Boris Bikes. Photo may net you a prize!

Bike Troopers

Sunday 19 December, London: Forget the festive cheer and come over to the Dark Side when Family Guy Stormtroopers take over Boris? Bikes in the Waterloo area of London this Sunday. If you?re doing some last minute Christmas shopping stop by between 12pm and 2pm and witness the ultimate real-life spoof Star Wars chase featuring the diabolically clever infant, Stewie Griffin.

To celebrate the release of Family Guy It?s A Trap! on Blu-ray and DVD on 27 December 2010 a legion of Scout Troopers and Stormtroopers will be riding Boris? Bikes across Waterloo Bridge.

The iconic London bikes are the perfect way for the environmentally friendly Stormtrooper to get around and if you manage to take a picture of one as they travel around the city email it to . The best photos will be uploaded to the Family Guy UK Facebook page and the lucky photographers will be sent a copy of Family Guy It?s A Trap! on Blu-ray Triple Play ? so be sure to include your name and address with the image.

Family Guy It?s a Trap!, a spoof of Return of the Jedi, includes the iconic scene where Princess Leia (Lois Griffin) and Luke Skywalker (Chris Griffin) chase a group of Scout Troopers through the Forest of Endor. However, rather than being on Imperial Speeder Bikes, the high speed chase takes place on push bikes, rather similar to Boris?.

Why not take a break from the crowds on Oxford Street this Sunday and head down to the river for some Family Guy fun!

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