Steve Jackson’s The Trolltooth Wars Has Been Successfully Funded!


The Trolltooth Wars. Front cover, by Gavin Mitchell
The Trolltooth Wars. Front cover, by Gavin Mitchell
The Trolltooth Wars is graphic novel based on the original Fighting Fantasy novel by Steve Jackson.
The graphic novel by is by PJ Montgomery.
The project on Kickstarter has reached its £14,500 goal and just missed one of the stretch goal by mere pounds!

The novel tells the story of a war between two evil sorcerers, Balthus Dire and Zharradan Marr. With the peaceful kingdom of Salamonis threatened by the escalating conflict, King Salamon dispatches Chadda Darkmane to find a way of either ending the war, or turning it to Salamonis’s advantage. The novel was successful enough to spawn two sequels, Demonstealer and Shadowmaster, featuring the continuing adventures of Darkmane and the good wizard, Gereth Yaztromo, which were in turn followed by the four part Zagor Chronicles series.

This graphic novel is going right back to the beginning, adapting The Trolltooth Wars to bring the story to life in a brand new medium. We’re sticking closely to the story established by Steve Jackson, with some minor changes for space and pacing reasons (something you get whenever any story is adapted into a new format).

The novel should be ready for the book shops in September 2015

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