Stephen King: The Mist DVD

The Mist
The Mist

I saw this the other day for the first time, picking it up at the bargain proce of under a tenner – for a new DVD that isnt bad these days.

Seeing the name Stephen King and thought it would be worth checking out. I missed the Cinema release and I am very glad that I have seen this film.

Believeing it to simply be a Monsters In The Mist horror as I had assumed from glancing a few trailers I was shocked to see that this is much more than a monster movie. Indeed the monsters are a byline the real story comes from interactions within an unusally big crowd of people, trapped in a supermarket as a dense paranormal mist decends on the small town of Castle Rock in America.

The underplaying of the monsters is slightly upset by the a couple of scenes where they are shown in their full CG glory, where as (in my opinion) details of the monsters, flying, spider of mass of tenticles should have been kept to a minimum as their overexposure and some monster movie set pieces does slightly impeed the flow of an otherwise tense movie.

The key to this movie is a double edged sword, there is a brave and key departure from the common horror movie and one that means that this is one of those films you will never forget. If you are lucky you will have avoided spoilers and can watch this film without knowing what happens throughout the passsage of this movie. The reverse side of this is that once you have watched this film and taken the JOURNEY INTO HORROR (to use a B Movie type poster slogan) that is it, will you want to revisit this film.

On the 2 disc there is the Black And White version of the movie, as the director wanted the film to be cscreened in cinemas (a battle he lost unfortunatly). So maybe there is scope to re watch this movie in that different light that should empower the film and push the CGI monsters more into the background.

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